TS ISO 10002

Quality management- Customer satisfaction - Guide for complaints handling in organizations

This standard for customer satisfaction covers outlining guidance for complaints handling with the aim to gain customer satisfaction.

This standard describes the following aspects of complaints handling:

a) increasing customer satisfaction by creating enviroment which is focused on clients whose feedbacks  (including the complaints also) are explicit and resolving each received complaint and increasing the organization's ability to improve products and services for clients  

b) taking resources in adequate amount, including staff training,  employing workers, participating in process of general administration and its duties

c) defining, recognizing customers needs and expectations and handling with mentioned

d) managing for complainers that kind of complaint process that is explicit, effecive and easy to use

e) analysis and  evaluation of complaints in order to improve the quality of products and service  for customers

f) inspection of the complaint handling process

g) checking effectiveness and efficiency of the complaints handling process

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