UDEM Adriatic d.o.o. is established branch office in Croatia of an International company for certification known as UDEM which is approved as organization (NB 2292) by European Commission in Machinery (Safety) Organization.

In order to see for which products we are authorized in the field of CE marking, please check it on a page of the NANDO's website.

CE conformity marking: CE conformity marking is a mark which shows that producers fulfilled all their obligations that come together with technical regulation and that products are subjected to conformity assessment operation.

Technical file: Technical file express documentation in which can be found reports and documents which show that all the products have been made in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations and this file contains informations regarding to design, production or functionality of product.

Lift Regulation: Lift regulation defines basic health and safety people's needs, lifts which are used by people or burden during transportation and their safety components which must be fullfiled before desired launching to the market.

Lifts CE marking: “CE” conformity marking must contain "CE" initial as stated below