ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

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In today's ever increasing competitive environment, there are basic goals that companies must accomplish. Among them, some targets from the critical point of view must come to the fore.

  • To meet customer needs

  • Reducing costs, increase efficiency

  • Present new products and services on the market

For firms it can not be an adequate solution to do their best to size these objectives.  At first, it is necessary that everyone knows what should do.  So, ISO 9001  is a model of Quality Management System which can be used in order to create quality system that can achieve these goals.

In order to compare matrix between ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008, please click it:


One of the main objectives of revision is to provide requirements of parties in business world, who is commonly used between quality systems and harmonize them with other management system standards.

Especially since last revision, standing out the service concept, developed and globalized technologic methods in all sectors and emergence more complex supply chain, made the revision inevitable.

It was aimed to establish on ‘High Level Structure’ logic for harmonizing ISO 9001 Quality Management System with other management systems. So it is aimed to simplify to management of the system. For example integration and performance of the organisations that carry out quality, environment and information security will be provide convenience.

Other advantage of new revision is to improve ‘Risk Based Thinking’

In the basis of this principle, it goes in for logic ‘we will have opportunity when risks are addressed and have threat when they aren’t addressed’

By Risk Based Thinking it will be provided

  • Reducing the impact of unexpected results
  • Supporting continuous improvement
  • Instead of preventive activities, taking part ‘Risk Based Thinking’ actively in our live.

What are the Key Features and Innovations of ISO 9001:2015?

  • Structure applicable for organisations who have service activities
  • Determination more specifically of demands related to process approximation
  • Reducing mandatory requirements (flexible structure)
  • Risk based approach
  • Leadership emphasis
  • Strategic approach
  • No reference to management representative
  • No reference to quality manual
  • No reference to excluded items
  • Instead of concept ‘document and register, the concept of ‘information documented’
  • The concept of non-conforming process output
  • More clarification of outsourcing
  • Emergence of supplier ownership
  • Common sides of new structure standard with other management systems
  • Common terminology with basic management systems
  • Demand of risk management and preventive approach. Demand of determination risk and opportunities in every article for QMS.
  • “High Level Structure” application